Photos are the official race photographers for the 2017 Nutrience Oakville Half Marathon and will be photographing and filming the event this year. offers an exciting range of print and digital photo options, plus personal video in HD.

For the best photos, they simply ask for participants to have their bib numbers clearly visible and to smile! is looking forward to photographing and filming you on race day.

2017 Nutrience Oakville Half Marathon photos will be available here.

To view your images and video for the 2016 Nutrience Oakville Half Marathon, please click here and type in your name or bib number. All photos will be available shortly after the 2016 event.

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Additional Photos

To view more images from our wonderful Volunteer Photographers, please click the logo below to check out our Facebook Page.
To view images from our previous Nutrience Oakville Half Marathon events, please click here. You will need your bib number from the year you are searching through.