The Medical Directors of the Nutrience Oakville Half Marathon are Russell Gunner, C.A.T.(C) and Katherine Hambleton R.N.
Their job is to organize the medical team which includes physicians, nurses and therapists to provide a safe environment for all participants. To this end they are responsible for a contingent of medical support along the route as well as a medical tent situated directly at the finish line.

Halton Regional Paramedic Services work closely with the medical team in the unlikely event of a serious emergency. Portable defibrillators are used throughout the course and at the finish line.

Medical Director Interests:
1. To see you achieve your running or walking goals
2. To do it injury free

Please do not forget your limitations. Run according to your training and do not push yourself unreasonably. It's a long time getting here and not worth an injury that can put you out of commission for the fall season. Overuse running injuries are not uncommon and most are preventable.

Be certain your shoes are neither brand new nor too old. They should have less than 600 kilometres (300 to 400 miles) on them. Check for abnormal wear patterns well before race day.

Dress for the weather! September weather in Oakville is variable. It is often cooler and windier by the lake than inland. The finish line is near the shore of the lake. At the finish line be certain to change out of wet clothing and get into something warm and dry. You will generally warm up as you run so keep this in mind, particularly at the start.

Nuun a recovery beverage and water are the fluid replacement drinks at the event this year. Water is adequate for shorter distance runners (less than 1 hour). For longer races carb drinks, such as nuun, are better absorbed and provide some glucose to fuel the body as well as a small amount of electrolyte replacement.

250 ml. (8 ounces) of water is recommended approximately 20 to 30 minutes before you start the race. Drink thereafter according to thirst. DO NOT OVERDRINK!! It will feel uncomfortable while running and may lead to hyponatremia - a serious medical condition. There are no electrolyte drinks that guarantee this cannot happen. Carb loading the day prior as well as a snack 2 hours before the race are suggested. Gels along the course are wise for longer distances and times. Remember your training habit and try not to change from what your body is used to.

Vigilance pays off while running. Be aware of traffic, curbs, potholes irregular paved surfaces and barriers. Surprisingly, every year we often see injuries related to these issues.

When you cross the finish line please drink and eat immediately. This will help rapidly restore your carb deficits so you will return to normal quickly.
If you are not feeling well, please head to the medical tent (immediately at the finish line). We have a medical team experienced in all levels of care- including physicians, nurses and chiropodists- at your service.

If you have muscle/joint aches or pains, our therapy team will be happy to help you through the pain. We have a full complement of athletic therapists, physiotherapists, massage therapists and chiropractors at your service.

Look out for our white tent at the finish line. They are well marked.

We wish you all a safe, enjoyable and successful race.

Russell Gunner, C.A.T.(C)
Certified Athletic Therapist

Russell Gunner, C.A.T. (C) is an Athletic Therapist certified with the Canadian Athletic Therapists Association and licensed acupuncturist. The therapeutic medical team that he organizes consists of fellow athletic therapists, physiotherapists and massage therapists from across the GTA.

As an experienced triathlete himself, Russell has been treating running injuries for over 23 years. Along with the other therapists in his clinic, Club Physio Plus has become one of the leading sports medicine facilities in Mississauga and Oakville.

Russell has particular interest in treating all running injuries, such as Iliotibial band, plantar fasciitis and most other lower extremity issues. Along with the Nutrience Oakville Half Marathon, he has also had the opportunity to work with the Toronto Maple Leafs as an assistant therapist.

At Club Physio Plus, they have a vast knowledge and experience to help assess and treat any running injury that may come along. With their teamwork of physiotherapists, athletic therapists, chiropractors, Chinese doctors and osteopaths, they have become the leading clinic in their field.

To contact him:
Club Physio Plus, 609 Ford Drive, Oakville
Tel: 905-337-2122

Katherine Hambleton R.N., ENC(C), A-EMCA
Registered Nurse

Katherine Hambleton, R.N. is a Registered Nurse certified under the College or Nurses of Ontario and has more than a decade of experience in the critical care setting (emergency department and cardiovascular intensive care unit).  The medical team that she organizes is comprised of health care professionals including physicians, nurses and paramedics from across the GTA.

Each member of the medical response team is an experienced emergency provider and maintains CPR and AED certification annually.

To Contact Katherine:
Mobile: 647-808-2343

St. John Ambulance provides generous support to the Nutrience Oakville Half Marathon through voluntary personnel and equipment along the race route.