Frequently Asked Questions

Why was I Not asked for my t-shirt size during registration?
T-shirt sizes are distributed on a first come first serve basis at the Runner's Expo.
Can I change my event?
Prior to Friday, September 8th, 2017, you can change your event by following the steps listed on our "Confirm and Edit" page located under "Important Info". After this date (when we have begun printing our race bibs), all event changes must be done at the registration table during our Runner's Expo, should space permit in your desired event.
Do I get my money back if I can not run?
No. There are absolutely no refunds, all entries are non-transferable and we do not allow deferrals.
May I register on race day?
No. There is no race day registration for any of our events.
What is the extra $10.00 personalized medal fee with registration?
For only $10.00 we will create a plate engraved with your name, finish time* and this year we are offering an additional line for a personal message included in the price! This medal insert fits neatly and securely in the border on the back of your finishers' medal. *(Finish time will not be engraved for Timbits 2K participants as this event is not timed, they will be able to engrave a maximum of 30 characters). All other race participants will be allotted 15 characters for their personal message.

How do I fundraise for one of your charity partners?
Non Registered Participant: First, you must register for the event by clicking here and select the HTG Sports website method. During your registration process, be sure to complete the fundraising questions by selecting "create a fundraising page" check box and selecting the charity you would like to pledge towards. A fundraising page will automatically be created for you once complete the rest of the registration process. You will then be re-directed to your personal fundraising page. Feel free to send this link to family and friends to help you reach your fundraising goal!

Registered Participant: If you are a registered participant and would like to set up an online fundraising page for one of our charity partners, please visit our Fundraising page for more information. 

Offline Fundraising: An offline pledge form can be found on our Fundraising page.
How do I make a donation to one of your charity partners?
To make a donation to our charity partners or to make a pledge on behalf of one of our participants, please visit our Fundraising page.
Where do I take my pledge dollars raised?
Donations collected for your charity of choice are to be dropped off directly to them. Please contact a representative from the charity to coordinate the delivery.
Who will the donation charge on my credit card appear to be from?
All 2015 online donations/pledges made by credit card will appear on your monthly credit card statement as a purchase from "".
All 2016 and 2017 online donations/pledges made by credit card will appear on your monthly credit card statement as a purchase from "HTG Events".

Runner's Expo
Do participants in all events receive a shirt?
Yes. Participants registered in the Nutrience Half Marathon, 10K, 10K Relay and 5K will receive a technical shirt. Participants in the Timbits 2K Fun Run/Walk will receive a cotton shirt.
Where do I pick up my race kit?
Race kits will be available at our Runner's Expo. Location, dates and times for our Runner's Expo can be found on our "Runner's Expo" page under the "Race Weekend" heading.
Can I pick up more than one race kit?
It is very important for every participant to pick up their own race kit to avoid any issues or confusion.

Race Day

May I pick up my race kit/chip on race day?
No. There is no kit or chip pick up on race day. Race kits must be picked up in advance at the Runner's Expo.
Is there baggage service?
Yes. Before heading out for your race, Nutrience Half Marathon, 10K and Timbits 2K participants may check their baggage at the tent located within Coronation Park. A baggage check truck will be set up at the 5K start line as well for all 5K participants.

PLEASE NOTE: Checking of purses, valuables or breakables will NOT be permitted. Landmark Sport Group Inc., event volunteers and staff are NOT responsible for any lost or stolen goods. We will make an effort to ensure the right baggage is returned to the correct individual, but use baggage check at your own risk.
How Much does the baggage service cost?
We do not charge for our baggage service so this feature is completely FREE for all participants!
Can I take a shuttle to start line?
Yes. Our FREE shuttle bus service is highly recommended as there is no parking at any of the start lines. Shuttles buses will operate from the Bronte GO Station (2104 Wyecroft Rd) to all start lines. Please consult your corresponding event page for timing.
Can spectators and families use the shuttles?
Yes. There is NO parking at the start or finish areas. Parking is available at Bronte GO Station where you can ride to Coronation Park. Bronte GO Station is approximately 3K from the Park.
Where is the start line for all races?
Nutrience Half Marathon, 10K and 10K Student Relay - 1218 Lakeshore Road West, outside Coronation Park

5K Run/Walk - 1482 Rebecca Street, east of Third Line

2K Fun Run/Walk - 1426 Lakeshore Road West, inside Coronation Park, beside the finish line
Which 10K Relay runner wears the timing chip and do we pass it from runner to runner?
The last runner (Runner D) from each team MUST wear the timing chip in order to get an official time. The chip is NOT passed from runner to runner. The last runner will also collect the finishers' medal of each team member for a maximum of 4 medals per team.
How do I wear my timing chip?
Your timing chip will be attached to the back of your bib when you pick it up from the Runner's Expo. Do not remove the chip, or otherwise fold your bib, as this can cause your chip to malfunction and not work properly. Bear in mind: no chip, no time.
What is difference between Chip Time and Gun Time?
Gun Time: The time from the sound of the starters signal to the time when the runner crosses the finish line. Also known as the Official Time. All award categories are prized by Gun Time.

Real Time, Chip Time: The time from when the runner crosses the starting mats at the start line, to the time elapsed when the runner crosses the finishing mats. Prizing is not based on Chip Time.

On Course
What pace do I have to maintain on race day?
You must maintain a pace of 10 minutes for every kilometre along the route.
What are the times of your Nutrience Half Marathon pace bunnies?
Times for pace bunnies are as follows:
- 1:35
- 1:40
- 1:45
- 1:50
- 1:55
- 2:00 Continuous
- 2:00 Run/Walk
- 2:05
- 2:10
- 2:15
- 2:20
- 2:25

If you are interested in being a pace bunny for the Nutrience Half Marathon, please contact us at
Are strollers allowed on course? Can I bring my dog on the Timbits 2K course?
No and no, only runners and bike marshals are allowed on the course due to safety concerns of all participants along the routes on Sunday, September 24. Dogs are only allowed to participate in the Mutt Strutt 2K on Saturday, September 23rd.
What are the popular spectator spots?
Anywhere along Lakeshore Road as well as the following areas:
Lakeshore Bridge by the Oakville Public Library (120 Navy Street)
Bronte Harbour Yacht Club (2514 Lakeshore West)
Thomas A. Blakelock High School (1160 Rebecca Street)
YMCA of Oakville (410 Rebecca Street)
Are there gels on course?
Yes, there will be gels offered at just the 12K aid station for Nutrience Half Marathon runners.
Are there port-o-potties on course?
Yes. Port-o-potties will be located at the aid stations which are every 3K along the Nutrience Half Marathon route as well as at all start lines and the finish line.
Are your courses certified?
Currently, the 10K and Nutrience Half Marathon are not certified courses.

Which races receive medals?
All finishers in the Nutrience Oakville Half Marathon event will receive a medal upon crossing the finish line. This includes all races, the Nutrience Half Marathon, 10K, 10K Relay, 5K and the Timbits 2K Fun Run/Walk. Participants in the Mutt Strutt 2K will receive a special dog tag for their furry friend.
How do I get back to my car from the finish?
Buses will return from the finish area at Coronation Park to the Bronte GO Station using a fill and go system with the last bus leaving at 12:30 PM.
Where do I park at the finish?
There is NO parking at the finish area. Please park at Bronte GO Station and take a shuttle to the finish.
How do I get to the finish line after I have run my 10K Relay leg?
A shuttle bus will wait at each exchange for all relay runners to complete their leg and then will bring you to the finish to reunite with your team.
When and where are awards and prizing given out?
All awards and prizing will be given out on race day on the stage in Coronation Park. The 5K awards will be presented at 8:00 AM, the 10K and 10K Student Relay winners will be announced at 8:45 AM followed by the Nutrience Half Marathon winners at 9:45 AM.
What are the age categories for the prizes?
Age categories for the Nutrience Half Marathon, 10K and 5K are as follows: 19 and under, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69 and 70+. There are no prizes for the 2K as it is not a timed race.
Do walkers get a timed result?
Yes. All participants, excluding the Timbits 2K Fun Run/Walk and Mutt Strutt 2K, receive a timed result. There is a 4 hour cut off time for results (11:30 AM).
Will I receive my prize/award after the event?
No, all prizing must be picked up on the day of the event. There is no prizing in the walking events.